Monday, October 6, 2014

October, the month of festivals

October is a month of festivals for Hindus. First comes Navrathri, then Dushera and finally Diwali. Many mythological stories are invoked during this time: Slaying of Asura Mahishasura, Victory of Ram, and Krishna defeats Narakasura. But there is a common theme in all of them, that is the victory of good over evil, dharma over adharma. Ever wondered why Hindu festivals keep conveying this message so very often. Because we believe this duality of good and evil exists at all times. Because good and evil are relative to each other. If one exists, the other will too. And this war is never ending. These myths are presented repeatedly so as to convey the message of HOPE for everyone who fight this battle everyday so that they are not tired and lost in this everlasting war. And why mythology, because stories are powerful tools that convey messages very effectively. However, one must remember that in real life, to discriminate between good and evil is more difficult than it is presented in the myths where they are black and white. And finally, to be relieved of this war is Moksha (liberation). These myths are relevant today as they were ages ago as we constantly battle in our lives for good and these myths serve us with hope every time we need a boost.

Happy Navarathri, Dushera and Diwali to all!
Aum tat sat.