Tuesday, December 8, 2015

You are the Truth?

Does our ability to identify the falsehood more than understanding the truth tell us that we are the truth we are seeking? I have observed carefully and it is always very difficult to identify the truth rather than falsehood. Of course they are mutually exclusive and anything is one or the other. But when you define truth to be something that is eternally unchanging, then many things we perceive can be crossed off the list. Most things we observe seem to be falsehood because they are changing in one way or the other. But what gives us the platform to perceive this change. If you are yourself false, can you see perceive other things to be false? 

Another related question arises. What makes us see the truth in a few things for some time before we classify them as falsehood. Why do we see this world as real? Is it because we haven't fully understood what "truth" really means? Or is it due to the fact that we haven't understood that we are the "truth" that we speak of?

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